God Answered Your Prayers



Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  — Matthew 6:19-21

Loredana has received her US citizenship

It would be too long to explain how blessed we were in the ways all the details for the citizenship ceremony worked out. May it be sufficient to say that we were amazed by the timeliness of hearing the news and God’s many providences for planning the entire trip back to the USA. We know so well that all were answers to our prayers and those of you who read our prayer letters and pray for us regularly. Being a US citizen is indeed a privilege, but we believe that it will also be useful for easing our trips back to the US to report to you what the Lord is doing in Italy.

We had the privilege of visiting our son Jordan and his family in Washington DC

Since we arrived in Italy, Jordan has graduated from The Masters Seminary, moved to Springfield VA to serve in the college ministry at Immanuel Bible Church, and God has given him and his wife our third grandchild! We are so grateful that we were able to visit them and watch them as they minister there. This for sure was a wonderful blessing! We pray that during the next few years they will receive even more preparation, if God continues to lead them to Italy to serve with us.

Our time at Grace Immanuel Bible Church was amazing

Spending time in our sending church on a Sunday and seeing so many of our friends was an incredible blessing. Our week was filled with invitations to spend time with our dear prayer partners and friends. We wish we could have had more time for all those who invited us. Being able to give a report and teach in our Sunday school was also a privilege. We continue to be humbled in realizing that it is a precious gift of God to have prayer partners for our ministry. Being able to spend time with two of the Cornelius Ministries board members and see their love for mission was so encouraging. Our fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ is such a wonderful gift God has given us.

When we arrived in Rome it was wonderful to have Matt and Johanna waiting for us!

We came back on a Tuesday, and that same night we spent time with one of the families from our church here in Rome. David is preaching through the 23rd Psalm. What an assuring blessing to study about how the Good Shepherd takes care of His own. We become His and He leads us through the difficulties of life all the way to glory. We continue to serve and meet with those whom God has brought into our lives. Every day, as we look around, we become more aware of the millions whose eternal destiny is eternal separation from God!

Did we use the words “blessing – wonderful – privilege – amazing”?

Well, we live in light of eternity and God is so good to us. We want to thank you for being diligent in praying for us and supporting us financially.


– Grateful for how smoothly everything went for our trip, as well as the encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
– Grateful for our co-workers, Matt and Johanna and Bill Standridge.
– Grateful for the ways the Lord is using us.
– Pray for David, as he teaches the Word in our church.
– Pray for opportunities this summer to visit friends and teach in other churches.
– Pray that we will always live in light of what is eternal.

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Your co-slaves of Christ,
David and Loredana

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