[dropcap4 variation=”blue”]W[/dropcap4]e live in a world where there is much chaos, sin, and uncertainty. As believers, we realize that we can rest assured that God is in complete and loving control of all our circumstances. This reality should produce in us grateful dependence and prayerful progress.

WHEN WE ARRIVED IN ITALY, WE DID NOT KNOW HOW GOD WOULD USE US. It was only a few days after we arrived, that the leadership of the Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica di Via Nathan asked us if we would consider worshiping with them and helping them. The Canadian pastor and his wife retired last October and returned to Canada, after many years of faithful service in Italy. Since then, David has been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the only elder of this small congregation. David and Alfredo meet weekly for planning and prayer and David preaches regularly on Sunday morning and in the weekly Bible Study. Loredana has taught the women’s Bible study alongside Doretta, Alfredo’s wife.

GOD HAS CLARIFIED OUR INVOLVEMENT IN THIS CHURCH. Our elders encouraged us to consider the possibility of staying and helping this group. After prayer and counsel, we have decided for the time being to stay and minister to this wonderful group of believers. Their desire to grow and learn is of great encouragement to us. We also have begun a regular tract distribution in our area. This material is written and published through Associazione Verità Evangelica, the ministry that David’s parents founded, that David now directs. Loredana spoke at a women’s dinner where almost half of those present were unbelieving friends of the ladies of our church.

WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE CAREFUL GUIDANCE OF GOD. We are glad to have been able to help Matt and Johanna Johnston during their first year here in Italy and are glad to see them progress, as they work towards their future ministry in Northern Italy. We are also grateful for the privilege we have in encouraging and helping Bill Standridge (David’s father) to continue his fruitful ministry here in Italy.

GOD IS OPENING OPPORTUNITIES TO ENCOURAGE AND HELP OTHER MISSIONARIES. We are so grateful for the close relationship we have with Lucio and Cristina Stanisci, as they are beginning a new church plant in the north side of Rome. We meet together regularly for encouragement and for planning. Another couple who have asked us to have a role of encouragement and advice are Marco and Simona Albanesi. Marco is pastoring and leading two churches in Sicily. David was involved in the planting of one of them, and we are encouraged in the progress there. In July, David will have the privilege of speaking in both churches.

ilPaneInaspettatoCSTHE PAMPHLET WE PREPARED FOR EXPO 2015 IS READY. As we mentioned in our last prayer letter, this pamphlet has been prepared for the 20,000,000 visitors Milano will have during this year. It is written in Italian – English – French – German – Spanish. Click HERE to read. The churches in Milan are beginning to distribute them. Our prayer is that many will be exposed to the Gospel through this means. In our publishing ministry, we have also prepared an evangelistic edition of our monthly publication. By God’s grace, we have been able to distribute 82,000 copiesso far.

WE HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM A TRIP IN NORTHERN ITALY. David was invited to speak in a church where the pastor is a former student of the Italian Theological Academy, that David had the privilege of starting in 2004. We were so encouraged by the responses to the three days of meetings and the hours of conversation we had with those in leadership and their wives. Loredana will possibly return later to speak to the women.

AS YOU CAN SEE THERE IS SO MUCH GOD IS DOING. All we are doing is the result of God opening doors, and any lasting results will be because of His efficacious work in the lives of those who listen to His Word. There is much more we could tell you, but we invite you to come and visit us, and find out first hand!

WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH A VERY SPECIAL EVENT IN OUR FAMILY. Our youngest son, Ben is now engaged to a wonderful girl from our sending church in Jupiter, Florida. We are so glad for Jordynn Fors and for her family, who love and serve the Lord. We are looking forward to December, when they plan to get married, as both a joyous occasion to continue to observe God’s work in the lives of His people, and for the opportunity to return to the USA, and see many of you who pray for us regularly.

We covet your prayers in all these matters, as we all look to our sovereign God to guide and provide for His work among Italians, according to His perfect will!

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