Dicember 2014 News from Bill Standridge

In a humble manger of a small town in Judea, the King was born and He is receiving new worshippers every day. Praise God. My heart overflowed again with thanksgiving in this season, as the deaf ministry of our church presented its Christmas evangelistic program.

If you have never been involved in deaf ministry, you cannot imagine how simple and straightforward the testimonies and messages are. Very simple thoughts expressed in mime, no words, just actions. In one, a grinning Satan was leaning over a balcony, pulling the strings on two deaf girls as though they were puppets. They moved, laughed, cried as he pulled their strings. Then one saw a deaf Christian friend and pulled to go in that direction. Satan allowed them to go that way for a moment, then tried to pull them back. One returned obediently, the other did not. The one who went to the friend “heard” (saw!) her brief testimony happily and believed. In the twinkling of an eye, the two girls passed from youth to old age, then slowly lay down in death. For one, a glowing angel came and took her away. For the other, a shrouded demon came and led her in the opposite direction, while she cried and tried to get loose. The story was over.

Oh, my dear friends and co-laborers by prayer for Italy! There were 20-30 deaf non-believers who watched that scene! It was impossible to not be shocked and touched emotionally. I was! I was shaken to know that that might be the first time in their lives that those deaf unbelievers had “heard” of the need and possibility of salvation. This was then scripturally explained in sign language by the leader of our deaf ministry who has dedicated his life to reaching those like his deaf wife whomhe led to Christ a few weeks after he had met the Saviour.

In my New Year’s letter I will tell you more of our Christmas ministry, of most of my family coming to Rome for Christmas, and of the “Turning Point” conference in Luxemburg, where I will speak three times, over New Years, on the subjects: “Why do we need to evangelize Catholics?”, “How can we evangelize Catholics?”, and “How do we respond to the Pope’s invitation to Ecumenism?”

May each of you, and your families, and your churches be blest as you announce the Christmas message and rejoice that you are citizens of that everlasting kingdom of which the newborn “Baby” of Christmas is the eternal Lord and King.

In HIS glorious service,
William (Bill) Standridge

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