Surrounded by Christmas


Are we surrounded by Christ?

What an amazing truth, that God sent His Son into the world. God revealed Himself through His Son and through His Word, the Bible. Last Sunday, David preached about the privilege we have to even be able to hold the Word of God in our hands. At least two unbelievers were present in our little church. In another group that same evening, David was able to preach the same message, where at least six unbelievers were present and listened to the message of the Gospel. We should continue to be grateful that God has revealed Himself to us. Does the fact that we know Christ continue to humble us in gratitude and surrender?

Surrounded by hopeless people

Every time we drive around Rome, we are reminded of literally millions who have never heard the Gospel. Oh yes, they will celebrate “Christmas”, but without knowing the Christ who came to save and seek the lost. We continue to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with those around us. In our Bible study, David taught on the main truths about the Gospel and our little group was eager to learn more and full of desire to be equipped to share what they know. Are we aware of the need around us and the hopelessness of our neighbors?

Surrounded by people we are indebted to

We read the words of the apostle Paul: “I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome” Romans 1:14-15. Paul had a yearning desire to reach the people of Rome, but was driven by his awareness that he was a debtor. As he reflected on the privilege of knowing Christ, he could not overlook that this treasure was not his to keep, but for him to share. Do we share with Paul that same responsibility to pray and reach the unbelievers?

Surrounded by God’s love

Dear friends, our words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward God for your partnership in the Gospel with us. We know that it is only the work of God, Who causes you to pray for our ministry here in Italy and to give generously so that we can continue. Do you realize that God is using you in our lives in a special way?

Surrounded by opportunities

We continue to minister in the little church in Via Nathan. Loredana is being used in the lives of the women through teaching and discipling. David continues to preach and teach, and to meet with Alfredo, the elder of the church. In our publishing ministry, we continue to reach thousands each month through our publication, as well as through books and Gospel tracts. As a couple, we meet regularly with the Stanisci family as they are beginning a church planting ministry in another area of Rome. We are starting to be invited to speak and encourage other groups. We continue to thank God for the progress that Matt and Johanna Johnston are making in their language acquisition and their opportunities to share their faith in Christ. Do you rejoice with us for these open doors?

Surrounded by Christmas

The lights are shining, the trees are lit. The truth of the Gospel must shine in this world through our lives. Our reactions, decisions, plans and goals are used by God to bring glory to Himself.

We arrived in Rome on December 11 of last year, excited for this new season in our lives. In the meantime, God has truly blessed and opened doors of opportunity that we did not expect. We pray that God will use you, also, as you grow and serve where God has placed you.

Your co-slaves of Christ,
David and Loredana

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