February 2014 News from Bill Standridge


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In ROME the NEW YEAR came in with its usual fireworks displays, but there have been no POSITIVE changes in the world’s situation. Here’s why: the world ignores God’s Word.

WHAT A WONDERFUL NEW 2014 if each of us is…
being renewed constantly in our thought life, (seeing things God’s way)
being recognized constantly as NEW MEN – and women – living in righteousness and holiness (doing things God’s way- as the above verses teach).

“LEADERS, the men God uses”. God has established husbands as leaders in every marriage, fathers as leaders in every family, pastors as leaders of every flock. I will be leading a monthly seminar on this subject, starting in February and running through the year, for the men and leaders of our church and for the men of other churches in our area. May we see great changes as men accept their God-given responsibility.

IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE but our first edition of the book Maria Teresa said she had to write, when she learned her life was limited to a few months, sold out quickly and is returning to the printer. “What am I good for if I am not serving?”has touched the lives of many men and women and will continue to do so. Pray for the first thousand readers.

THE NEW EVANGELISTIC EDITION OF OUR PAPER FOR 2014 is almost ready for the printer.
I wrote it on the absolute change that is necessary in the life of every person, as they realize that their life is like a train, “running on the wrong track” and going to “the wrong destination”. Only the change that Jesus described as “passing from death to life” and from “condemnation to eternal life” in John 5:24 can change our lives and our future. Usually tens of thousands of this paper are ordered by various churches and youth groups and distributed during the summer. Please put this on your prayer list.

DAVID AND LOREDANA HAVE FOUND the “perfect apartment” for us and will be getting the contract done next week so we can move into it around the middle of February. Praise God for this answer to prayer.

In HIS service,

Bill Standridge,
Rome, Italy